Astronautical Engineering Solutions

We provide all types of engineering solutions for the space sector, from the development and incorporation of critical systems to complete solutions covering all the system's operational requirements.


  • Design and development of customised, integrated solutions for command and control centres (launch pads, satellite launch processes, perimeter security automation, process control).
  • Centres and applications for earth observation and data exploitation.
  • Tracking systems for the measurement and control of the trajectory of a launcher.
  • Automation solutions for real-time critical systems.


  • Development of on-board software for space transportation vehicles and launchers.
  • Definition and development of avionics systems for launchers.
  • Design and development of independent validation and verification software for critical space applications.
  • Development and validation of software for satellite platforms, position control systems and space instruments.
  • Development and validation of artificial intelligence system software for space vehicles.

GTD Space from GTD on Vimeo.


Launch centres for the family of European launchers, Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega, at the Kourou European Spaceport.

Development of the 'Jupiter 2' Mission Control Centre.

Development of the on-board software for several space vehicles and satellites (Ariane 5, Vega, Seosat, Meteosat, etc.).

Creation of the software for the ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle), the most critical space on-board software ever developed in Europe.


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