eWAS: Weather and turbulence forecast for EFBs

eWAS Solutions is an application that offers pilots real-time access to weather data during the different stages of the flight, including weather forecasts and up-to-the-minute predictions. Weather information is available on mobile phones and tablets during flight preparations, and is updated during the flight in the EFB connected in the cabin.

The combination of GTD’s technological know-how and Sita OnAir’s experience of the sector have made it possible for the eWas Solution to change the way we fly.

What it is: 
An application that helps to improve the strategic forecast of flights hours in advance. Available for IOS (iPhone and iPAD), Windows and EFB
Who it is for: 
For pilots, it is a highly customizable application in compliance with the policies predefined by the airlines, ideal for commercial transport and business jets
Increased security on the plane, more comfort, lower fuel consumption, clear and concise view of current and future weather hazards throughout the flight