Our history

A lifetime of experience at your service

  • 1987

    In 1987, four partners and a venture capital firm identified a need in the market for the development of high-quality IT systems in the Spanish industrial sector.

    As a result, GTD was founded: a company which improves the productivity, competitiveness and internationalisation of Spanish industry, especially in the automotive sector.

    • Automation of production processes
    • Data communication network systems in real time

  • 1989

    GTD enters the space industry

    We develop the Ariane 5 control centre at the European Space Base located in French Guyana. In 1991, the first permanent GTD base is established there.

  • 1993

    Global recognition

    General Motors Corporation awards GTD the prize for the best supplier in the world.

  • 1995

    We enter the science sector

    GTD rapidly becomes the first Spanish IT company to obtain the ISO 9001:1994 certification.

  • 1996

    GTD enters the world of aeronautics

    As a result of the completion of avionics SW for the Eurofighter programme. This is followed by the Airbus A380, Tiger, A400M and MRTT tanker programmes.

  • 1997

    GTD creates a new activity focused on the engineering of structural analysis

  • 1998

    We take a major step in the defence industry

    First contract with the Spanish Ministry of Defence.

  • 2000

    GTD enters the on-board market

    Design of software for Ariane5, Vega, ATV and other space vehicles.

  • 2012

    We enter the maritime and ports sector

    The Group purchases 49% of the company Portel Servicios Telemáticos, S.A., which specializes in the development of IT solutions for transport, logistics and distribution in the maritime and port sector.


    The company's international expansion in Europe begins.

    GTD sets up a subsidiary in Germany and another in France.

  • 2013

    GTD enters the ITER project.

    Creation of instrumentation, control and diagnostic systems for the thermonuclear fusion experimental reactor.

  • 2014

    New R&D policy approach in aeronautical products

    After many years of RDI, the first developments for airlines come to light.

  • 2015

    GTD continues its international expansion by setting up a subsidiary in the United Kingdom

  • 2016

    GTD Prime Contractor Ariane 6 Control Benches Family

  • The objective for the present and the future is to learn from the knowledge acquired,

    make further progress in RDI and assure you of our commitment to create new, smart, faster and more reliable technologies.